Rooibos Creme Brulee with Pistachio and Cranberry Biscotti

Rooibos Creme Brulee with Pistachio and Cranberry Biscotti

Monday, May 18, 2009

Simple Molecular Gastronomy

Time to start playing with your food,only for the rebel in you, no more yes mom. (insert evil laugh here) Down to business then. his is one subject that has taken off in the last few years and most chefs touch on it once in awhile and fanatical few do it in a awe inspiring way. Here are a few recipes to try and you may just surprise yourself and take them to a new level. Blueberry caviar, simple to do if you can source the ingredients and great fun to try. Use it on ice-cream or a garnish for your favourite dessert a teaspoon full in a glass of bubbly, way out and interesting.
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What you will need:

a few bowls
a fine mesh strainer
a very accurate kitchen scale
an immersion or stick blender (can use a normal blender)
a syringe (can use a traditional squeeze bottle)

250 grams blueberry juice
500 grams water
2.0 grams sodium alginate
2.5 grams calcium chloride

Mix the sodium alginate and blueberry juice, measure 100 grams blueberry juice with the sodium alginate and blend. Then mix in the rest of the carrot juice and set aside to let the air bubbles that where added by blending to dissipate. Then dissolve the calcium chloride into the water. Place the strainer into the bowl with the calcium chloride solution, so the strainer is nearly submerged. Suck some blueberry mix into the syringe or squeeze bottle. Slowly squeeze drops of blueberry mix into the strainer in the calcium chloride mix. Try to make the drops about the size of salmon eggs. Let the caviar set for 30 to 45 seconds. The amount of time you wait will determine the wall thickness of the caviar, you want the caviar to hold together but, pop in your mouth when eaten. Rinse the blueberry caviar by moving the strainer out of the calcium chloride solution into fresh water. Should be used straight away but can stand in the fridge over night. Starts to solidify but is still perfectly edible. Have fun with this recipe for now.

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